Daniel R. “Doc” Zoerb

Preferred Name: Doc
Nickname/Call Sign: Doc
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel, 06
Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Daniel R. “Doc” Zoerb was born in Tennessee, the son of a WW II fighter Ace.

After the war, his father developed a small airport, was then recalled to active duty for Korea, and remained on active duty.

Doc became officially an “Air Force brat.”

In 1968, he enlisted in the Air Force, becoming a C-123 crew chief and serving in Vietnam.

After the war and many stories carrying troops, ammo, and pigs to remote jungle locations, he was sent to be a B-52 crew chief in Kincheloe AFB, MI.

After getting his degree at the University of Nebraska through the Air Force Bootstrap program, he entered the Air Force OTS program and became a pilot.

After pilot training, he became an F-106 pilot in ADC and later converted to F-15s.

He then volunteered for a Navy exchange tour flying the F-18 from the Navy carrier Coral Sea. This tour includes some engaging experiences against Khadafy’s Air Force over the Gulf of Sidra.

He finished his career with assignments involving Bosnia and later Kosovo and Serbia.

After retirement, he worked for Raytheon and enjoyed swapping lunch lies with old flying buddies.

He also enjoyed building and flying homebuilt aircraft with his fighter pilot father.

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