David John “Eric” Erickson

Preferred Name: Eric
Nickname/Call Sign: Eric
Date of Birth: August 14, 1943
Headed West Date: October 5, 2015
Highest Military Grade Held: Captain, 03
Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

David John “Eric” Erickson was born on 14 August 1943 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He graduated from Wyoming University in 1966 with a degree in mathematics.

After graduation, he pursued his childhood dream of flying by joining the Air Force.

Eric was assigned as an OV-10 Bronco pilot following pilot training and sent to Vietnam.  As a Forward Air Controller, Eric found a home.

After a year in one of the most intense and dangerous flying environments in the war, having been shot down and rescued, Eric volunteered for the even more dangerous job of flying in support of the clandestine CIA missions in Laos as a Raven FAC.  He excelled there and, again, survived another crash but was not yet ready to leave the theater.

Eric left the Air Force and was hired by Continental Air Service, a CIA support airline.

He finally returned stateside and found a home with Flying Tiger Airlines.  Federal Express bought this airline, and Eric ended his professional flying career as a FedEx Captain.

Eric, his wife, and best friend Frieda spent many of their years living in and enjoying Alaska, partly off the grid, where Eric still flew his own Cessna 185, even flying support missions for the Iditarod.

Eric Erickson was an incredible American hero, a true patriot, and a warrior’s warrior.

Eric made his final flight on 6 October 2015.  God needed a great pilot in Heaven.  May that gracious God hold him in the palm of His hand until we can all meet again.

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