Robert W. “Bob” Barnett

Preferred Name: Bob
Nickname/Call Sign: Bob
Highest Military Grade Held: Colonel, 06
Hometown: Los Angels, CA

Robert W. “Bob” Barnett was born in 1928 in Los Angeles, California. He enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard on September 4, 1946, and served as a Radioman until receiving an honorable discharge on September 6, 1949.

Bob then completed college and was commissioned a 2d Lt through the Air Force ROTC program at the University of Southern California on July 31, 1953, going on active duty beginning August 12, 1953. Lt Barnett completed pilot training and was awarded his pilot wings at Laredo AFB, Texas, in September 1954, and then completed F-86 Sabre Combat Crew Training and Instructor School before serving as an Instrument Flight Instructor with the 3558th Combat Crew Training Squadron at Perrin AFB, Texas, from April 1955 to July 1959.

His next assignment was as an F-89 Scorpion pilot with the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Keflavik Airport, Iceland, from July 1959 to July 1960, followed by service as a Weapons Controller with the Phoenix Air Defense Sector at Luke AFB, Arizona, from August 1960 to July 1962.

Capt Barnett next served as an F-101 Voodoo pilot and on the staff of the 78th Fighter Wing at Hamilton AFB, California, from July to November 1962, and then as an F-101 pilot with the 83rd and 84th Fighter Interceptor Squadrons at Hamilton from December 1962 to July 1963. His next assignment was with the 28th Air Division at Hamilton AFB from August 1963 to January 1964, followed by Spanish Language School. Maj Barnett served as an advisor to the Ecuadorian Air Force from July 1964 to September 1966, and then served on the staff of Headquarters Air Defense Command at Ent AFB, Colorado, from September 1966 to January 1967.

He next completed F-105 Thunderchief Combat Crew Training before deploying to Southeast Asia where he served as an F-105 pilot with the 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, from July 1967 until he was forced to eject over North Vietnam on October 3, 1967. He managed to evade for three days before being captured and taken as a Prisoner of War on October 6, 1967. After spending 1,986 days in captivity, Col Barnett was released during Operation Homecoming on March 14, 1973.

He was briefly hospitalized to recover from his injuries at March AFB, California, and then received an Air Force Institute of Technology assignment to the University of Arizona where he received his master’s degree in Latin American Studies. Col Barnett remained on at the University of Arizona where he served as Commander of the Air Force ROTC detachment there until his retirement from the Air Force on September 1, 1977.

After retiring from the Air Force in 1977, Bob remained in the aviation industry and became owner of a Fixed Base Operation in Tucson.

Bob then worked at Flight Safety International for 17 years as an Instructor Pilot flying and teaching Learjets.

Bob and his wife Anita have one daughter, Lori, and 4 grandchildren. He served as Secretary/Treasurer of NAM-POWs from 1976 to 1981.

Upon return, he earned a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona, followed by an assignment as Professor of Aerospace Studies at the university.

He retired permanently in 1999 after accumulating 7,325 flying hours during his career.

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